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Many companies wonder how to find new audiences. Not even new businesses; a once healthy client base can stagnate and with so much competition, companies can find themselves flummoxed as to how to attract new audiences. 
There are several affordable ways to get your message heard through direct marketing. If you are localised but open to mail orders, or can operate remotely, there are several avenues into new business through direct marketing. 
Listbroker was commissioned to run a direct marketing campaign by Greenwich Pantry, a mail order and pop-up health food shop that provides delicious, organic essentials for the pantry with healthy ingredients that are traceable to environmentally friendly sources. Above all, they promote healthy, enjoyable cuisine and believe that with their bespoke consultation sessions, they can guide even the busiest household to culinary success that will be loved by the body as much as the taste buds. 
As a newcomer to the direct marketing world, they were seeking guidance and expertise in how to best access their target audience, what message to deliver and the best brand development strategy. They certainly found what they needed in Listbroker. 
Having compiled a diverse and comprehensive proposal which covered both traditional and left-field approaches, we explained all the options, including the prospects of e-magazine marketing, inserts traditional direct mail and website advertising. 
We eventually negotiated an excellent deal with a vegetarian magazine little known in the DM world that sells advertising space and insert opportunities in physical magazines, and advertisement space on their opted-in, subscription e-magazine. The client agreed that the two brands were in perfect alignment. We devised a multi-pronged strategy, designed to engage the audience with interest in their philosophy, product range and consultation services. On our suggestion, the client offered a significant, unique discount to magazine customers as a hook. 
Beyond our marketing consultation, negotiation and strategy, we also took responsibility for advertisement design, copywriting and fulfilment, ensuring that through our excellent rapport with expert partners in the industry, the client received the best possible offers for her campaign. 
We were able to advise on every step of the client journey, providing flexible and friendly support throughout the process, resulting in attractive, relevant material that spoke to the people who would appreciate it most. 
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