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Greenwich Pantry 

More than just data 
Listbroker was commissioned to run a direct marketing campaign by Greenwich Pantry, a mail order and pop-up health food shop that provides delicious, organic essentials for the pantry with healthy ingredients that are traceable to environmentally friendly sources. 
Above all, they promote healthy, enjoyable cuisine and believe that with their bespoke consultation sessions, they can guide even the busiest household to culinary success that will be loved by the body as much as the taste buds. 
As a newcomer to the direct marketing world, they were seeking guidance and expertise in how to best access their target audience, what message to deliver and the best brand development strategy. They certainly found what they needed in Listbroker. 
Having compiled a diverse and comprehensive proposal which covered both traditional and left-field approaches, we explained all the options, including the prospects of e-magazine marketing, inserts traditional direct mail and website advertising. 
We eventually negotiated an excellent deal with a vegetarian magazine little known in the DM world that sells advertising space and insert opportunities in physical magazines, and advertisement space on their opted-in, subscription e-magazine. 
The client agreed that the two brands were in perfect alignment. We devised a multi-pronged strategy, designed to engage the audience with interest in their philosophy, product range and consultation services. On our suggestion, the client offered a significant, unique discount to magazine customers as a hook. 
Beyond our marketing consultation, negotiation and strategy, we also took responsibility for advertisement design, copywriting and fulfilment, ensuring that through our excellent rapport with expert partners in the industry, the client received the best possible offers for her campaign. 
We were able to advise on every step of the client journey, providing flexible and friendly support throughout the process, resulting in attractive, relevant material that spoke to the people who would appreciate it most. 

Christian Blind Mission 

All Things Data! 
Charity direct mail accounts for a vast swathe of the UK direct marketing output. With absolute dependence on the goodwill of the population, it is essential to get their message to generous individuals who may be able to help their cause.  
Unlike many large corporates who also advertise in this way, charity budgets are invariably tight, so it’s paramount that they save pennies wherever they can, whilst ensuring that what they do invest provides maximum return. 
For over ten years Listbroker has worked closely with Christian Blind Mission fully supporting their donation and awareness direct marketing campaigns 
For over ten years Listbroker has worked closely with Christian Blind Mission fully supporting their donation and awareness direct marketing campaigns. 

Our emphasis in this task is on: 

Financial efficiency 
Proactive and timely delivery 
Finding innovative ways of obtaining fresh and relevant data 
Adhering to strict data protection guidelines 
Ensuring that third party mailings CBM donors receive are in keeping with their high ethical standards 

UK Government 

Listbroker was approached and asked to investigate the availability and provision of data for the promotion of a Government Subsidised Cavity Wall Insulation Project. 
This involved a co-ordinated Direct Mail and Tele Marketing ‘rolling’ campaign initially for a one-month period across the whole of the UK to promote this initiative. 
To make this project viable the brief required our team to identify sufficient owner-occupiers living in stone built property constructed during three periods: - Victorian / Edwardian up to 1914, pre war period 1918 – 1939 and finally the post war years 1945 –1960. 
To gain a better understanding of the UK’s housing stock and density of suitable property, we conducted a regional property census, using a combination of direct response, electoral role and demographic profiled data. Initially looking at the larger conurbations and cities in the North West, North East, Midlands and Greater London and then expanding into selected areas in the South West, Wales, South, Scotland and Northern Ireland until we had a full picture from across the country. 
Once suitable data had been identified, it was absolutely essential that we were then able to match telephone numbers against addresses, screen against suppression files and supply exactly the right volume of contacts, consistently at very short notice to nominated regional Local Council Call Centres.These call centres operated with a limited capacity so the need to provide ‘on time’ was absolutely crucial. 
The quality of the data and the excellent level of service provided by our team ensured that the initial one month test was successful enough for the campaign to be extended by a further 2 months 
In total we provided over 1.5 Million Names addresses and Telephone Nos for this project. 

Investment Client 

For a period of 12 years Listbroker provided a well known investment company with a full seamless service which includes data supply and processing services, response analysis, detailed list recommendations, complete suppression and dedupe routines and the output of selected data in appropriate format to the client's mailing house. . 
We provided over 700000 potential investors for each of their direct mail campaigns. 


britart.com was named as the UKS No 1 online contemporary art gallery commissioned Listbroker to promote awareness of their intriguing web site and the amazing artwork available to both consumer and corporate buyers. This was an interesting and varied campaign that allowed Listbrokerto provide the full range of services at its disposal 
Britart's strategy was not only to promote awareness of its own brand but also heighten the public’s awareness of Britain’s up and coming artists. To achieve maximum coverage, we proposed and co-ordinated a number of successful strategies that included targeted direct mail campaigns (aimed at corporate buyers, investors, art collectors, and professional practices that included dentists and architects), email campaigns, inserts and media space. 
Listbroker was also able to help facilitate a full range of their services that included laser print, fulfillment, email broadcasting, response handling and call centre hotlines. 
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