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Ethical Data Policy 
Listbroker does not supply data for use in targeting bad debt and short term loans, we do not supply data to companies dealing with credit card data, PPI, payday loans or any companies that target vulnerable people or companies providing voice message activities. 
With the exception of government approved alerts Listbroker does not supply sms text mesage data 
Listbroker continually reviews and updates its working practices to ensure that we are compliant with the latest best practice GDPR/DMA/ICO/DPA regulations. 
Listbroker will work with companies on a consultancy basis so that we understand what data they are looking for and its intended use to ensure any data we help provide is the right data that is fully compliant with the latests GDPR regulations, relevant to your marketing needs and and that it is used correctly 
Listbroker has in place 'due dilligence' checks to ensure that any company we are currently working with can provide compliance statements if requested and are not on any DMA/ICO blacklists. 
A Mail piece, email copy, phone script approval is required ‎for EVERY campaign. For intermediaries / resellers indicative copy may be acceptable dependent upon how established their relationship is with their client. 
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