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Here at Listbroker we love our music, from the cute to the quirky, the Britpop to the bass. We've scoped out some of the best of the season for you to have a listen to on your lunch hour. 
Suzy Condrad Loop Pop: This Bristol based queen of the loop sings, beatboxes, plays ukelele, synth, maracas, guitar, glass bottles and many other things you've never heard of - all at the same time with the help of a loop station. Expect the unexpected with quirky, tight, alternative pop with any unexpected twists and turns. 
Edward Sharpe: We're loving this guy at the moment, and just waiting for that hash-tag-winning moment when we can blast "man on fire from our office windows, sharing our raputure with the world below. Unfortunately in the vision it is hot and sunny, and barbequed burgers blend with fragrant summer pollen, and people are hula hooping down the street. Unfortunately it's December, so that moment will have a while to wait. 
Boy & Bear: This Aussie alternative boy band are so cool they don't even need a studio - they just play in the back of their dad's campavan. Chilled out, melodic vibes that ooze summer dreams. Hmmm. Can you spot a theme?! Perhaps we need to get our heads out of the distant summer and focus on festive cheer.... 
Ingrid Michaelson: Ethereal harmonies and soulful lyrics paint delicate pictures that reflect hope, fragility and beauty in every note. Think snowflakes dancing across Alpine rooftops, crystalised light and candyfloss. Girly, perhaps, but lurvely! 
Heg and the Wolf Chorus: Their 'other-worldly' breed of new folk music uses lavish vocal arrangements to create drama and atmosphere in their theatrical sound. The songs, written by Heg Taylor-Brignell, draw inspiration from traditional fairy tales and the twisted roots of her own family tree, taking the listener on a journey from Grimm's fantastical forests, across the stormy atlantic to the black, dangerous coal mines of Illinois and far beyond. Well worth a listen! 
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