Here we go again.

Bigging up Bristol & why not ey? It’s a wonderful city!

Suffering with a little Glastonbury post session depression my brain got a drifting to this weekend’s party event, St. Pauls carnival.

For those of you London bound, if a street party if your kind of fun you have probably been to more than one Notting Hill Carnival in your time. It’s a brilliant place to be, if you don’t know much about it, Notting Hill started in 1966 after a number of years of smaller celebrations in smaller venues over London.

The carnival has grown leaps and bounds since then and each year strengthened its place in the community. It is not one to be missed!

However If for some reason you do need to miss the carnival later in the year. DON’T PANIC. Simply pack up and head over to Bristol this Saturday.

This weekend Bristol hosts its historic St. Pauls Carnival & if it is anything like last year it will be a scorcher.

St. Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival is one of a community’s success; from its small beginnings in the late sixties to the present day. The event takes over the neighbourhood of St. Pauls in Bristol. It involves schools, community groups and has loads of great performers.

With a touch of reorganisation with the board in 2006, the artistic quality has much improved. In 2010 the carnival became a registered charity and since then attendance of the carnival has increased to over 100,000 people.

I lived in St. Pauls when I first moved to Bristol and it has so much life! If you have never been I would highly recommend a little visit tomorrow. St. Pauls has a real sense of community that you don’t find over all of Bristol & this is obvious over carnival.

Come and take part in something wonderful, bring a cup & a pocket full of change (some for street food, some for donations. It is a charity event after all)

The music is loud, the people are happy. What more do you need.