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Dear devoted Listbroker fans, 
It is with great excitement that I write my first ever blog post here at Listbroker.com! 
As many of you know I worked with Kelvin for over two years before in December last year I took the decision to flee society and run for the hills... quite literally! My husband and I had always wanted to work a ski season, and as we are not getting any younger, we thought we'd try it before it was too late! 
Morzine is a picturesque mountain town, nestled in the Portes du Soleil valley (literally tranlated as 'Doors to the Sun', which casts a lovely image of celestial heights and crystlised sunlight peeping through supmptuously swirling clouds from an aquamarine sky, does it not?) To our delight, it did not disappoint! The beautiful weather was further complimented by sparkling snow and quaintly decorated wooden chalets, dotting the horizon like so many gingerbread houses. 
Between our work as chalet hosts (backbreaking work if you're beyond the age of 21, I hasten to add) we slid, jumped and swooped through Christmas card land to our hearts' content for almost a full six months. 
However, before long I tired of perfect weather, fresh air, hearty Alpine food and mulled wine, and started to pine for the comforting drizzly skies of home. The unrelenting cheeriness of the villagers was beginning to grate and I longed for just one happy holiday maker to scowl at me for no good reason, whilst simultaneously barging past me, upsetting the scalding, overprice coffee from its styrofoam cup and splashing down my shirt - but it never, ever happened. Not once. The unyeilding Christmas music in March was getting tiresome, as was the previously praised mulled wine. And the goggle tan on my face just looked silly. Oh, how we longed for late busses, rammed bars with no seating, mediocre curries on a Friday night, and real somerset cider. Especially the cider! 
As soon as we boarded the plane home we were in heaven. The first cross face was like a beacon to our hard-wired Britishness, and we squeezed hands, delighted, as we crossed the threshold out of the airport. 
Before long, we were settled back into our old ways, and I called Kelvin to ask when he was planning to offer me my job back. To my pleasant surprise, he invited me to come back in a consultancy capacity (now that I'm so well travelled, you see) and hey presto, here I am! 
I am thrilled to be back and look forward to the next direct marketing adventure. Kelvin assures me there will be no risk of goggle tan, so I'm in. 
Till next week, folks! 
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