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The great and the good of Europe have been flocking for this award for five years now. Established as an incentive for green efforts, the prestigious award has never before been awarded to a UK city. Now, for the first time in 2015, Bristol will be leading the UK in its green efforts. 
With more cyclists than any other city in the country - despite its iconic but very painful hills! - rapidly reducing carbon emissions and plethora of green projects and community energy groups, Bristol is at the helm of the fight for a low emission, sustainable and healthier way of life in the future. 
Here at Listbroker, we are very proud to count ourselves among the city folk who walk, cycle or bus it to work, and we're looking forward to a more sustainable way of life in the city. We even aid our office in the quest for clean air with Kelvin's humungous chilli plant, which despite its total lack of any actual chillies, is laden with at least 300 leaves, slowly shifting through our carbon outputs and cleanly restoring them to nice, breathable oxygen. We've done our maths. An average, resting plant will provide 53 litres of oxygen an hour, which means this emperor among plants will exhale at least 60. That’s at least 450 litres of freshly produced oxygen being pumped into our office a day, folks! 
We’d love to share the green love with you so for January only all our green fingered lists will be available with a 10% discount. We have Suttons Seeds, Dobies plants, Pomona Fruits and the Organic Food Buyers list. Call us on 0870 120 1326 for more information! 
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